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Exclusive Plastic on Paper

Flushable Toilet Seat Cover.

Plastic to Protect.
Paper for Comfort.
Both Dissolve in Water.

The First and Only Plastic Disposable Toilet Seat Cover that can be Flushed Away when Done!


Improve your confidence when using unsanitary and unsightly public restrooms.  UNFILTHY has the protection of plastic and the flushable convenience of paper.  You can relax now, your butt is covered.


Unlike others, UNFILTHY seat cover with plastic liner is flushable.  Just flush it away like it’s a regular paper seat cover.  UNFILTHY plastic liner is made of PVA and will dissolve in the septic or sewage system.


UNFILTHY disposable seat cover is made of a special water-soluble plastic liner and paper.  The composite material is beefy and sturdy.  Plastic to protect from soak-through, and paper for comfort. 

All about UNFILTHY Disposable Plastic Toilet Seat Covers.

Disposable toilet seat cover is not a new product.  The concept is straight forward – a barrier between dirty and clean to prevent contamination.  There are two factors in determining the effectiveness of this barrier concept.  First factor is how dirty the surface is; the second factor is the quality of the barrier itself.  While we have no control over how dirty a public restroom can be, we do have control over the type of barrier we use.  For the cleanest and driest public toilet seat, a regular paper seat cover will do just fine.  However, for anything else, you should be protecting yourself with a plastic seat cover.

Paper seat covers soaks through; almost like not having any protection at all.  When the wetness creeps through the paper seat cover and crawls up your bare skin, or when you get up just to see the broken soaked paper pieces stuck to the seat, it makes one wonder if paper seat cover is even worth the effort at all!

Plastic seat covers protects better, but it needs to be carefully disposed of after each use.  Imagine picking up the used and dirty plastic seat cover while trying to find a trash can to throw it away.  Yuck!  Not to mention the used plastic seat cover will pollute the landfill and environment.

UNFILTHY disposable toilet seat cover is unlike any other disposable seat covers.  It offers the best of both worlds: paper for comfort and plastic for protection.  Best of all, it can be flushed away like paper after each use.  It will not clog the septic or sewage system; it disintegrates into water and CO2 in waste water or in landfill.  It is the most environmentally-friendly product you can use.  Furthermore, its ability to protect is second to none – the plastic liner acts as an effective barrier against undesirable wetness and filth.  No wonder that high-end hotels, restaurants, hospitals and executive offices love the UNFILTHY disposable toilet seat cover.

UNFILTHY disposable toilet seat cover also comes with a built-in Splash Guardian.  Just tear off the Splash Guardian and gently place it on the surface of water inside the toilet.  The porous and bulky composite material will float and minimize unintended splashes from coming back for you.  Paper seat cover is too thin to achieve this effect, and don’t you dare putting regular plastic seat cover in a toilet.  UNFILTHY with its water soluble property and extra thick construction is the best product to guard against splash backs.

The Many Applications for UNFILTHY Products.

Hospitals & Clinics

The core strength of UNFILTHY disposable plastic toilet seat cover is its ability to protect against the spread of germs and pathogens.  The plastic liner has the ability to barricade against germ-spreading toilet seats from patients and visitors; it prevents soak-through from wet toilet seats.  Best of all, UNFILTHY can be flushed away just like a regular paper seat cover to prevent secondary infections.

Hotels & Resorts

Upscale hotels and resorts can bolster its reputation by providing this one-of-the-kind disposable toilet seat covers to their guests.  The ability of UNFILTHY to protect guests and visitors from public toilets in guest rooms or common areas will leave a lasting impression.  The ability to be flushed away like a regular paper seat cover will help to keep the toilet area tidy and clean.

Executive Offices

To perform at the highest possible level, executives need to be pampered at every turn possible.  Even if when that turn leads to the restroom.  UNFILTHY’s paper+plastic composite seat cover provides comfort while yielding the highest degree of protection from public toilet seats.  UNFILTHY is flushable – the utmost convenience and protection is “the” executive power-move in the restroom.


Compared to other applications, restaurants has a distinctive goal of being sanitary and clean.  When regular paper seat covers just can’t come close, turn to the UNFILTHY plastic+paper composite seat covers.  UNFILTHY is the gold standard in staying clean, dry, and sanitary when guests use public restrooms in the restaurant.  Being able to be flushed away like a regular paper cover means not having to pick-up and throw-away like a regular plastic seat cover.

Shopping & Retail

High end shopping and retail establishments need to correlate their luxury image by providing their shoppers with equal quality when it comes to restroom essentials – let shoppers know that they are using the best seat covers.  UNFILTHY unequivocally fits that bill. With its double-layer protection of plastic and paper, and the advantage of being flushable, UNFILTHY is indeed a world-class luxury brand that’s on-par with all the other store offerings.


High class entertainment venues deserve the most elaborate ware.  May it be concert halls or musical theaters, when the guests demand the best, UNFILTHY is there to provide the best.  UNFILTHY has a paper layer to cushion the sensitive tush and a plastic layer to protect against filth.  Once the business is done, it can be flush away.  Convenient and sanitary.


The intimate settings of high end spas deserve to have a comparable toilet seat cover for their patrons.  Not just any regular paper toilet seat cover, but a premium plastic+paper composite seat cover that pampers while it protects.  Most of all, UNFILTHY can be flushed away when done.  No more worries about plastic seat covers that can clog up your toilet as UNFILTHY will dissolve in toilet just like paper seat covers.


Any size commercial cruise can benefit from the deployment of UNFILTHY toilet seat covers.  Confined spaces have a special need for tidiness; being able to flush away the seat cover is very essential.  And with the constant movements of the ship, it is ever more important that there’s a plastic protective layer to ensure an absolute separation between the toilet seat and the human body.  UNFILTHY is the perfect product for any size sail.


Reward the faithful patrons with the absolute best in toilet seat covers.  Comfortable, protective, and flushable, the UNFILTHY seat covers are perfect for religious institutions and gatherings where the regular paper seat covers are just too plain and too thin to have confidence in.  Built with paper for comfort and plastic for protection, the flushable UNFILTHY seat covers will dissolve in water and never clogs up.


When talents gather from all walks of life to discuss important issues, these bright minds will also need their bottoms taken care of.  With UNFILTHY, the flushable seat covers come with paper on top for comfort and plastic on the seat for protection.  UNFILTHY prevents soak-through and keeps filth at bay, and in turn, keeps the talents happy and focused on the subjects being discussed.